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Baldock Stacy & Niven Solicitors (BS&N) in Orange are the Will preparation professionals dedicated to ensuring your assets and loved ones are securely protected.

We take an expansive approach to professional estate planning guiding clients on wills, estates and will disputes. A Will prepared by us guarantees your assets are distributed the way you want, that your wishes will be followed, and that your family will be looked after.


Everyone over 18 years of age should have a Will. A Will is important for your family’s security.

If you have any assets, it is essential to make a Will especially if you have children. It is the only way to make sure that, no matter what happens to you, your loved ones will be financially secure.

When someone dies without leaving a Will, it is the family that suffers. You may want to leave your spouse properly provided for if you die early. You may intend your spouse to have everything you own after your death. You can only guarantee anything if you leave instructions to that effect in a Will.

If you have young children, it is even more important to make a Will. Imagine the worst possible situation, where you and your spouse are not here or are incapacitated. In that situation, your children will need guardians to be responsible for them until they reach maturity.

Those guardians can be appointed in your Will and provision can be made for the expenses they will have in bringing up your children.

As remote as these possibilities may seem, the reality is that a correctly prepared Will ensures there is an effective estate plan in place should the unthinkable happen.



There is a common myth that making a Will is complicated and costly. At BS&N, we pride ourselves on making Will preparation an inexpensive and easy process.

The expense is minimal when you consider the cost of not making a Will along with the worry and legal bills your family may face to sort out your affairs.

You need to decide two things to get started with the process of Will preparation. Firstly, the beneficiaries – who is to benefit from your estate.

You will then need to decide on an executor. This is usually a member of your family or a trusted friend responsible for seeing that the instructions in your Will are carried out.

From there BS&N can correctly draft your Will so that it is legally effective and puts your instructions in place. We can even keep your Will safe and secure at our office for no charge.

The legal team you want on your side.


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